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Dr. Fabian Wadsworth wins prestigious LMU prize for his PhD thesis


Dr. Fabian Wadsworth, a researcher in the Earth and Environmental Science department of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, receives the University Society’s prestigious prize awarded in 2017 to the best theses defended in the last year. The prize, bestowed by Prof. Dr. Peter Höppe and by the president of LMU Prof. Dr. Bernd Huber as highlight of the 545th celebration of the founding of university (23rd June 2017), represents a significant achievement for a young scientist.
Dr. Wadsworth’s thesis – supervised by Prof. Donald B. Dingwell and PD Dr. Bettina Scheu – tackled complex questions of magma dynamics in volcanoes using a combination of theoretical, experimental and field constraints. He published over twenty peer-reviewed papers in leading international journals including Nature and Geology during his time as a PhD student and built a truly outstanding reputation as a rising young star in Earth Science.

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