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Postdoctoral Position

Computational Materials Theory


LMU Munich
Applications are solicited for a postdoctoral research associateship at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität under the ERC Advanced Grant ToMCaT (Theory of Earth Planetary and Core Materials) to study correlated geological and (exo)planetary materials under pressure using DFT-dynamical mean field theory and quantum Monte Carlo. Minimum requirements for skills/experience/education: Ph.D., experience with first-principles methods and many-body theory, be able to program in c++, f90, and python, and be able to write and communicate. Desired skills/experience/education: experience with DFT-DMFT. Applicants should send a vita, bibliography, and 3 letters of reference to .

Prof. Dr. Ronald Cohen
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ludwig Maximilians Universität
Theresienstr. 41
80333 München