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2022 Willet. G. Miller Medal of the Royal Society of Canada to Donald B. Dingwell


The 2022 Willet G. Miller Medal of the Royal Society of Canada has been awarded to Prof. Dingwell, Chair of Mineralogy and Petrology and Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich.

Prof. Dingwell receives the medal for pioneering the experimental investigation of molten systems in the earth sciences. The results have had vast implications for our understanding of magma in ore-forming systems and explosive volcanism.

The Willet G. Miller Medal is an award of the Royal Society of Canada given for outstanding research in any branch of the earth sciences. The award consists of gold-plated silver medal and is awarded every two years if there is suitable candidate. It has been awarded 40 times since its inception in 1941 and its list of recipients includes numerous Canadian geoscientists who have introduced new paradigms into the earth sciences over the past 80 years. It is the first time that this Medal has been awarded to a scientist based in Europe.

Prof. Dingwell has been a member of the Royal Society of Canada since 2010 and will receive this honour at the annual meeting of the Royal Society of Canada in Calgary, Alberta later this year.

Willet Green Miller, FRSC (1867-1925), was a distinguished geologist, and a guiding force in Canadian resource development.