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Experimental Geomaterial Characterisation

Knowledge of the origin, transport and extraction of magmas relies on the investigation of their physico-chemical and thermodynamic (calorimetric) properties under different conditions of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity. Among all the properties of interest, viscosity, heat capacity and volumetric properties are currently studied in our department. Viscosities are measured at high-temperature (i.e., up to 1700°C) using the concentric cylinder method and at lower temperature (i.e., up to 1100°C) using the micropenetration and parallel-plate methods. Heat capacities are determined using a differential scanning calorimeter up to temperature of 1600°C. Volumetric properties are determined on melts using the double-bob Archimedean method (up to 1650°C) and on glassy materials using a push-road dilatometer in horizontal geometry.Partially, in-house developed methods are applied (e.g., micro-penetration).