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The 2020 edition of MELTS, GLASSES, MAGMAS will take place as online class in the week of 20-24 July 2020

20.07.2020 – 24.07.2020

Due to travel restrictions, we have decided to offer the course (15 hours of lectures) without the lab demonstrations. The course will cover the chemical and physical properties of silicate melts and explain how they control magmatic and volcanic behaviour. A brief structural introduction is followed by the principles and results of experiments that quantify the properties of melts, glasses and magmas. The course will be provided in five 3-hour time slots between Monday and Friday. At this point, the exact lecture days and hours are still open. Subject to your interest and availability we will find a convenient time slot accommodating most if not all participants.

This special edition of the short course will be free of charge. There is no maximum number of participants but each participant will be asked to register with full name and affiliation.

For more info and the link to pre-registration: